Yamaha Keyboard Community Website

To set up a Set-Up registration, first set up your keyboard the way you want it to be, Choose your style, voices, Vocal Harmony on/off, Pedal settings etc.

To store these settings press memory, On the next screen make sure that everything that you want saved is ticked, then press the number [1] reg button

To keep your reg clean we want to turn off the other 7 reg buttons so we are left with just the number [1] lit.

To do this press [J] then the lower [8] Edit button. Now press the lower [5] button then press [B,C,D,F,G] to highlight them. Press lower [7] to delete and [G] to confirm.

Now we are just left with our number [1] reg start-up button lit, all the others will be out.

Name this reg by pressing the lower [1] button and type in the name "Start-Up Reg" OK to confirm.

We now want to save this reg, to do this press the [J] button and tab to the User area, Press lower [6] locate your reg then press upper [8] to confirm.

You now have your Set-Up reg saved in the User area ready for use. When you next switch on your Keyboard press the [J] button and tab to the User area, Select your Start-Up reg, Don't forget to press the number [1] reg button to switch on your start-up reg.

Video Created By Fred Smith