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To search your music finder database you would use either the search one or search two options.

For this example let's say we wanted to search for all The records with the ballads ,use search one, Press the upper (6) button to get to the search page, now press the (B) button and type in ballad using the normal keypad method.

Press the lower (5) button and set the genre to country,

Now press the upper (8) button to start the search. You should see all the records with the swing style, and The total of records showing in the number of records box.

Music-Finder Search (1)

You can also do searches by beat, so if you selected 6/8 the search would show all the records that is set to a 6/8 beat.

Music-Finder Search (2)

Another option if you only know part of the title for a song, type in a keyword that is in your song title, start the search and it should show all the song titles that have that word in your Music-Finder database.

You can of course just use the scroll wheel to scroll through the database, but the choice is yours.