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Saving Registrations:

1) After setting up Voices, Styles, Multi-pads etc., press and hold the (MEMORY) button, then press the desired 'REGISTRATION MEMORY' button (1) – (8).

2) Repeat step 1 for other Registrations (up to 8 in total).

3) Press the (EXIT) button twice, to return to the Main screen.

Saving Registration Banks:

1) Press the (J) 'REGISTRATION BANK' button.

2) Press the lower (6) 'SAVE' button under the display.

3) Use the (1) – (8) toggle buttons under the screen to name your Registration Bank.

4) Press the upper (8) 'OK' button to save the Registration Bank File into the chosen memory location.

5) Press the (EXIT) button repeatedly to return to the 'MAIN' screen.

Note: Remember to keep all files that you use for your registrations in the same place and don’t move them after saving the registration, or the links will be broken and your newly created registrations will not work or sound as intended until you go through all the hassle of re-creating all those links again.

A good idea is to create a folder on your HD and put copies of everything you wish to use for your registration into it, then link to these files when creating your registrations. That way you are less likely to accidentally remove them and break the links.