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You can make as many changes as you like to your MusicFinder database, But after all that work you really want to save it, After all you would not want to lose all that hard work.

To save your changes

1. Press the FUNCTION button and choose UTILITY by pressing the [I] button on the screen.

2. TAB over to SYSTEM RESET.

3. Press button [I] to select MusicFinder.

3. Press button [I] to select MusicFinder.

5. Select the save option by pressing button number 6, Remember to give your new MusicFinder database a new name so that you can identify it easily and not get confused with the existing one "MusicFinderPreset".

6. You can now save your changes by pressing button [8] and then confirming the change by pressing OK. The new database will now be saved with the name you chose.