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Have you ever wondered what a registration is never mind how to create and use one? You have come to the right place.

In this section we hope to give you all the lessons you need to become an expert. We have collected some of the best tutorial videos and lessons to get you off and running.

If you have more questions then, if you haven't already, why not join the yamaha-keyboard-community forum where you will find many friendly and helpful members who should have the answer to all your questions.

Either follow the links in "Lessons" above or merely click on an image below to go to the lessons of your choice.

Registration Videos

To take a look at some of the best "Registration" tutorials please click the TV below.

Registration Videos

Saving Registrations

Once you have created your registration you will need to "Save" it to be able to use it. Please click the image below.

Save your "Registration"

Creating Registrations

So now let us start to create a "Registration". 

Please click the image below to go to the lesson.

Create A Registration

Setup Registrations

Your "Registration" contains all the parameters you need to set up your keyboard - Here's how to set it up. Please click the image

Set Up