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Sometimes it is easier to take things in if you can see it done rather than read it. On this page you will find a collection of carefully selected registration tutorial videos.


Saving Registrations on a Yamaha

Daniel Watt shares some very helpful tips on saving registrations on a Yamaha Tyros keyboard.

Creating A New Registration Bank

In this tutorial video Musicmaniac shares a quick way to clear and create a new registration bank.


Registration Memory and More

Musicmaniac takes you through  Registration memory and a lot more in this tutorial video.

Creating Registration Memory and Folders

This video by Andre Chouinard demonstrates the procedure to create Registration Memory, Bank of Registration memories and Folder for Registration Memories. The procedure has been recorded on a Yamaha Tyros 4 but the same procedure applies to many Yamaha keyboards like PSR, PSR-S, and CVP series.