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Whether you are a seasoned player or just beginning on the wonderfully worthwhile journey of learning to play keyboards, at some time you will want to record your performances.

For novice players it is a good idea to record your performance so that you can play it back and check that you are on the right track with your practice. For more experienced players recording your performances will allow you to share with others from friends and family to your "on line friends" via forums or social media.

Over the next pages we hope to introduce you to the recording methods on the Yamaha range of keyboards. Just click on an image to go to the lesson of your choice.


Recording Your Songs

From making a first MIDI recording to playing that recording into a WAV recorder.

Recording your songs

For those with a PSR S7XX or PSR S9XX you can record in WAV format to a USB device.

Please click the image below.

USB Recording

Multi Track Recording

Feel like recording like a pro? Then why not add more tracks?

Multi Track Recording


Now set your recording free into the outside world.