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No doubt from the first moment you get your Keyboard you will soon want to record your music, There are many different ways to record your songs which we will cover in the tutorials in this category.

Quick Record.

On the Tyros 4 and 5 this will record to the left hand (MIDI) recorder.

First set up your keyboard choosing the Style, Intro,Tempo, Voices etc that you want to use, then do the following.

Setup your keyboard ready to play ( Intro – Variation – Sync/Start – Start/Stop Button Flashing )
Make sure the style Volume is approx [85] press lower /Upper [7] to adjust.

OK we are now ready to start recording.
Press the Record button on the MIDI recorder, it will start recording when you press your first chord.

Tyros 4 Recording your song to MIDI
Tyros 5 Recording your song to MIDI

Play your song followed by your chosen ending.

Press stop on the MIDI Recorder when finished, Then press [1] on the song section,

Now press lower [6] below the screen to save,
Press delete several times to remove the words (New Song), then using the number keys type in the name of your song followed by pressing [OK] when finished ( Allow time for each letter to show), If you make a mistake delete the wrong letter and correct it before pressing [OK].

This will now save your song as MIDI format, You can now listen to what your song sounds like by pressing the play button on the MIDI recorder, if happy with it we can move to the next section.

Playing Your MIDI Into The Audio Recorder & Saving It As a WAV File.

For Tyros owners pleas continue below. For owners of PSR S7XX and PSR S9XX keyboards pleas click here for instructions on the "USB Recorder"

1.  Press Record on the audio recorder and choose the "simple" method.

2.  Press play on the Midi recorder and check the recording level making sure that at the loudest point that the red lamp doesn't show.

Simple Recorder

then press stop on the MIDI recorder to take the recording back to the beginning.  

3. Press play on the audio recorder followed by play on the Midi recorder.

4.  Press stop when finished. You now have a wave file recording.

5.  Press the select button on the audio recorder and locate your wave file and give it a name and save, You can now  copy and paste this to your USB stick ready to share with who you like.

T4 Audio Recorder