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For the PSR S7XX and PSR S9XX series of keyboards recording to WAV is accomplished by recording a performance either directly to USB or playing a MIDI file into the USB and saving it as a WAV. In this section we will concentrate on saving an already recorded MIDI performance to the USB recorder.

Unlike the Tyros range the 7XX and 9XX series don't have an internal WAV recorder and recordings must be made to USB storage directly.

Note: Unlike the Tyros range the USB recorder on the 770 and 970 does not have a recording level control and relies on the EQ settings - for none standard EQ settings the USB recording may be over recorded and therefore distorted. It is a good idea before proceeding to change the EQ settings to one of the standard ones.

Press "Mixer/EQ" then tab across to "MEQ" then using the buttons next to the "Type" select a standard preset.

Mixer / EQ Button
Mixer Setting

Ready To Record

1. Connect the USB flash memory to the [USB TO DEVICE] terminal located on the back of the keyboard.

2. Press the [USB AUDIO PLAYER] button to call up the USB AUDIO PLAYER display.

Press USB Audio Player Button
USB Recording Screen

3. Press the [1] (REC) button to enter recording standby.

The [PLAY/PAUSE] button flashes.

4. Start recording by pressing the [3] (PLAY/PAUSE) button, then start your performance or the "Play" button on the MIDI recorder to record a previously saved MIDI.

The elapsed recording time is shown in the display while recording.

Start recording

5. At the end of the performance stop recording by pressing the [2] (STOP) button.

Recorded data is automatically saved to the USB flash memory as a file with the

name automatically set so it is now necessary to give the file a name of your choice.

To name your file press the [H] button next to the "FILES" symbol which will bring up the list of files and folders on your USB storage. Your recently recorded file should be highlighted and will be named "Audio_001" if it is the only unnamed file.

To bring up the naming menu press the lower number [8] button to bring up "Menu 2" then press the lower number [1] button under "Name".

Go to Files on the USB device.
List of files

Using the number buttons below the screen (rather like an old mobile phone) you can now enter the name of the performed music followed by by the [6] "Save" button.

You now have a WAV file on your USB device which you can take to your computer to share as it is or convert to an MP3 file which you can share with friends on your favourite keyboard forum (Of course that would be yamaha-keyboard-community).

To convert your performance to an MP3 file you may wish to go to the next page for a futher tutorial - here