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Written By Pieter Tabernee


A lot of members have many styles and midi files. Main problem is how to find a certain file. A solution for that problem is a tiny program called Cathy – let me explain what it is and how it works.


Cathy is a small program made by Robert Vasicek that can Index your files and folders and, when needed, your entire hard drive.

The program

One can download the program from http://www.mtg.sk/rva/ - look at the most recent version. The program doesn’t need to be installed, it works right away.

How to use the program

When downloaded make a folder with a name desired – in this example I will give it the name “My Folder” – put the program in this new made folder. I you want you can change the name of the program in any name you want, in this example I give it the name “My Folder.exe”.

Now start the program (double click on it) and you get the main screen.

To index the files you want you have to go to the Catalogue part of the program and click on the part pointed which allow you to go to the part on your hard drive where the files are stored.

Click on it and go to the desired file or folder:

After you picked the file or folder go to the ADD part and click on it.

When finished you are ready to search on any argument – let search in this example for a style named The Pied Piper – only thing you have to do is give in Pied in the search area.

Number of files is not limited – and when you put more files in your database the index can be simply update by clicking on the index files and refresh.

Hope this helps you with searching to files you want/need from your own bundle of files.

By the way this program can be used for any purpose not only styles or midis, it also gives you the opportunity to index your mp3 files and make a list out of it.

Have fun <> PP