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The "Music Finder" incorporated into Yamaha keyboards such as the PSR range and the "Tyros" models is covered in this section of lessons. Here we cover the following subjects which you can go to by clicking the image or by following the links under the "Lessons" tab above.


Loading A MFD

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Saving A MFD

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Music Finder Screen

Click to go to "Music Finder Screen"

Editing MFD Records

Click to go to "Editing MFD Records"

Search A MFD

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From the "Genos" model onwards the Music Finder has been replaced by the "Playlist" however "Music Finder" records can be incorporated into the "Genos" "Playlist".

If you have just purchased a "Genos" and have your old "Music Finder" from your previous "Tyros" or "PSR" you can learn how to load it to your "Genos" by checking out page 91 of your "Genos" manual.

If you are about to trade in your Tyros or PSR for a new "Genos" remember to back up your "Music Finder" database from your old model before you trade it in. Did you forget to save your MFD? Don't worry we have a selection of MFD's under the "Links" button above.


Yamaha Music Finder

Music Finder

Genos "Playlist"

Genos Playlist