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As you can see from the image above we are on the "ALL" TAB of the music finder screen. This TAB will show you all the song titles in your database.

You can always check how many entries you have in your database by looking at the right hand side of the screen under the heading number of records.

There are a few ways to move through your music finder records.

Data entry Wheel.

When you turn the data entry wheel clockwise you will see it slowly move down the list one song at a time.

Once you've found the song of your choice press the enter key to select, the keyboard will now be set up with the chosen style.

Numbered buttons

Below the screen are buttons numbered 1 - 8. By pushing the lower "one" button the screen will move to the next letter in the alphabet in your Music Finder.

By pressing either the lower two or three buttons the next song title will be selected. To move to the next style press either the lower 4 or 5 buttons.

If you want to get back to the top of the list very quickly press either the upper and lower number one buttons together or the upper and lower three buttons together.

Saving favourites

If you come across a setting in your music finder that you really like you can add this to your favourites by pressing the "H" button to the right of your screen, You will be asked if you want to add the selected data to your favourite list.

You can view your favourite list at any time by clicking on the favourite TAB above the list.

Deleting Favourites

If you decide you want to remove an entry from your favourites list you can do this by first using the data entry wheel to move the cursor to the entry you wish to remove, Press the enter key to highlight it followed by the "H" key to delete that file from your favourites list.

Tempo lock

The tempo lock is a very handy feature, if you already have a song that you're going to play and know the tempo, but maybe struggling to find a style that suits, you can lock the tempo whilst you try other styles.

If you didn't have this feature switched on the tempo would be at whatever is set in the database records.