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Multi - Tracking

What is Multi-Tracking – Well there are two methods, One is creating all your song by scratch, building it up one layer at a time. The other is adding additional tracks to your MIDI.

For this tutorial we will go with the 2nd option (Adding additional tracks to your MIDI)

You can add all sorts of things such as a Multipad, a Counter melody etc. It will really add that something extra to your recordings.

Adding A Multipad To Your Multi-Track Recording

All these items can be added to any vacant tracks, once your MIDI song is recorded & Selected.

Adding A Counter Melody To Your Multi-Track Recording.

1. Press the rewind button so it is at the beginning [BAR 1]

2. Switch off the OTS Link.

3. If you are going to play a counter melody select the voice of your choice and make sure it’s on [R1].

4. If you are going to add a Multi pad, select your chosen Multi pad so it is ready.

5. Pressing the Channel on/off button twice will show you all 16 channels at the bottom of the screen. Press the play button, any channels used will have flashing Red lights, we are going to use the vacant channels which are usually [5,6,7,8,9] we will use channel [6]. Make sure your song is at the beginning.

6. Press the record button, & keep it held down whilst you press the upper [6] button for about 2 seconds.

7, You will notice a pop up window open up on the left of screen. Scroll down to [R1] if you are going to add a counter melody, or to the Multi Pad number if you want to add a Multipad.

8. You are now ready to record your additional tracks. Press the play button & you will hear your song playing, note only one channel is set to record No [6].

9. Now play your counter melody or push the Multi Pad button when you want to bring it in, and the stop button to stop at the exact place you want.

10. Once you are done save in the normal way but remember to give it a different name (Add a number on the end), so you can always go back to the original and do it again if not totally happy with the results.

11. Any other tracks can be added in exactly the same way using any other vacant channels.

12. Once you have your Multi-track MIDI recording to your liking and saved you can then record it into the Audio recorder which will save it as a WAV file ready for you to pop onto a USB memory stick. You can then convert this WAV file into an MP3 on your PC using software such as Audacity.

13. You should now have you Multi-track recording saved and converted as an MP3 ready for you to share where you like.