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Recording to the Audio Recorder

When you record your song to the audio recorder it will be saved as a MIDI file, whilst it’s in MIDI format you can make all sorts of changes to it, Such as Voices, tempo, Effects etc.

However your Audio file in MIDI format will only sound as you recorded it if played back on your Keyboard. If you try to play it back on your PC it will sound dreadful and tinny, That’s because your Keyboard has a much superior sound card and also has all the voices that you used to create your Audio file.

So the next step is to convert your Audio file (MIDI) to a WAV and then to MP3.

Converting A WAV File To An MP3 File

Converting a WAV to an MP3 can be done many different ways using a variety of software available. For this tutorial I will use Audacity.

Once you have your WAV file saved on your PC desktop Open the Audacity Program, Click on File, Locate and click on your Wav file to highlight it, Then Click on Open.

Locate Your WAV File

Choose the (Read the files directly from the original (Faster) option) Click OK.

Your WAV will now be loaded into Audacity ready for conversion.

Choose The Read Files Directly from The original (Faster) Option

Press the play button and have a listen to make sure there is no distortion or clipping, if everything is to your satisfaction click FILE and scroll down and select "EXPORT Audio". Choose your location you want the file saved to then click SAVE.

Have A Listen To Your Wav File
Exporting Your Wav File
Name Your Wave File

On the next screen fill out details such as....

Artist Name

Track Title

Album Title




Fill Out Details & Click OK To Convert To MP3 & Save

Once done click OK, It will take a few moments so be patient, Then your WAV file will be converted and you should have a MP3 now in your chosen location ready for you to listen to or post it on your forum of choice for others to enjoy.