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When you first get your Keyboard you will notice that the Music-Finder database is cryptic. Some of the entries are pretty easy to work out what they are, Whilst others are not.

The following link it will take you to a page on our Website where you can download unencrypted Music-Finder Databases.


Please note that the original Music-Finder database that came with your Keyboard is permanently built into your Keyboard and can never be deleted. So no matter how many new Music-Finder databases you load into your Keyboard you will never delete the Original.

Please remember that the number of records you can hold in each Music-Finder database on your Keyboard is limited.

The Tyros 3/4/5 and the PSR S950/S910/S900 are limited to a maximum of 2500 records.

Whilst the PSR S750/S710/S700 are limited to 1200 records.

Once you have downloaded your chosen Music-Finder database and transferred it to a USB memory stick, you are now ready to replace your existing Music-Finder database with the correct unencrypted version.

1. Insert your USB memory stick into your Keyboard.

2. Select the [FUNCTION] button from the instrument's panel. Then select [UTILITY] - Tab over to [SYSTEM RESET] - Press button [I] [MUSIC FINDER FILES] from the screen. (See Image Below)

3. Tab to the USB page and locate your Unencrypted Music-Finder file from the display.

4. Select [REPLACE]

This will replace the original list with non cryptic titles. You will find the original Music-Finder file on the [PRESET] page in case you need to replace it at any time.

It's a good idea to keep a Back-Up of all your Music-Finder files on a separate USB memory stick in case you accidentally delete files by mistake.

You will now have your new Music-Finder database installed ready for you to use.