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Michael Bedesem's Frequently Asked Questions

Compiled by ... Michael P. Bedesem

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Michael Bedesem's Frequently Asked Questions document, which does, in fact, answer a lot of questions you may have about your PSR or Tyros keyboard or technologies relevant to arranger keyboards, this link takes you directly to his page on the friendly PSR Tutorial website.

Style Files - Introduction and Details

by ... Peter Wierzba & Michael P. Bedesem

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Modern YAMAHA keyboards provide sophisticated accompaniment functions. Especially the capability to use additional styles loaded into the keyboard, or even to create new styles.
There is a lot of information available on the internet regarding these styles. But this information is widely spread and difficult to find, especially for beginners.

Together with Michael P. Bedesem I wrote a document that tries to summarize all this information to provide an easy entry point for beginners as well as a reference for advanced style creators or software programmers. The document focuses on the technical details of styles. It does not cover the musical aspects for creating styles.

Direct Order Online - Midi Files and Styles

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Very probably the best styles on the Internet - Tyros voice packs also available

This is a superb website offering for sale excellent quality midi files and song specific styles for a wide range of keyboard manufacturers - discounts for quantity is available and you can search by title, keyboard model, or artist - start building a style collection second to none. A must for style enthusiasts. Tyros 3 and 4 format styles also available.

Style Disk Warehouse and Strawberry Music - Styles, 

Voices and Software.

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Software and accessories for Technics, Yamaha, Hammond and Roland keyboards, organs and digital pianos.

Another super website offering top quality styles for all makes of keyboards, organs and digital pianos, The style disks currently available include all the Technote range and are supplemented by a huge range of software created by Neil Blake.

Robby's Tyros Website

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A wealth of information, links and downloadable material for Yamaha Tyros owners - including firmware updates and all manner of tools for the Tyros workstation.

The Keyboard Capers Club (U.K.)

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An Informative website focusing mailnly upon Technics Keyboards started by Roger Mepstead and Midge Gibbs

This is a UK based Technics keyboard group that has been set up for keyboard owners, to help them understand how to use the technology at their disposal. They give Technics help and advice at the group, which runs fortnightly in Swindon, Wiltshire

Although begun initially to support Technics Keyboards, the club is open to all keyboard players and enthusiasts who want to share ideas and music.

The Yamaha User Manual Library

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The Yamaha Manual Library is a large collection of manuals and documents covering most of Yamaha's electronic musical instruments, each manual is created in the PDF (Portable Document Format) file format using Adobe Acrobat. To read the PDF files you need to install the Adobe Reader in your computer.

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Learning Aids and Tutorials


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The Interactive Circle of Fifths ("the Circle" for short) is a tool designed to help musicians to:
figure out the key of a piece of music
easily transpose music to a different key
compose new music
understand key signatures, scales, and modes

by Rand Scullard