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If when using your Music-Finder you are not too happy with the settings (Style/Tempo) that are already listed, don’t worry because you are not stuck with them, you can change them easily.

We will show you how in this lesson.

The Edit Screen

Let's take a look at the ‘MUSIC FINDER RECORD EDIT’ screen. It will look more or less the same on most Keyboards. There are nine "fields".


The screens on the latest keyboards such as the Tyros are in color, but they have the same functions as the PSR Keyboard range.

Deleting A Record

You may come across a song in your Music-Finder list that you would not play as it may not be your kind of music. You can delete this by selecting the song and pressing the Enter button to highlight it, press Record Edit (Lower 8) Now press the (I) button, It will ask you to confirm that action, Click on the (F) button to confirm, once done that song is deleted from your Music-Finder database.

Highlight Record Then Press Lower (8) Record Edit
Press The (I) Button To Delete, Then (F) To Confirm
Record Deleted

You can change the style choice for a song in your music-finder by clicking on the (C) button then selecting the style you wish to change it to, Press the Exit button once to return back to the edit screen, You will now notice your new chosen style is showing. You can also change the Tempo to your liking, by pressing the upper (1) buttons, Once you have finished with your changes Press Upper (8) followed by the (G) button to confirm them.