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Registrations are a wonderful tool for the Keyboard musician, settings can be instantly recalled at the touch of a button, instead of having to remember what Style, Voices and settings you used for a certain song.

You can save all sorts of parameters in a registration, Styles, Voices, Multipads, Text files, Pedal settings, Effects etc.

Start off with a Blank bank, you can get a blank bank easily by switching off your Keyboard, Now hold down the top [B] key and power up your Keyboard.

Name this bank “Blank” and save it to your user area, so you can always copy it as a new bank as and when you want a new one.

I would now suggest creating a folder on your HD and name it something like “My Regs” You will copy and save all the items you wish to use for your registrations into this folder and link them from there. This will help prevent you mistakenly deleting them and breaking any links, which would not make your registrations work properly or sound right.

Once you have all your items saved that you want to use you can start creating your registration.

From your “My Regs” folder select your style, Set the Tempo you prefer, Press Variation [A] and choose your voices followed by Memory and the Reg [1] button, Now do the same with Variations [B], [C], [D].

Remember if the variation light is flashing when you save the [FILL] is saved as well.

Use as many of the [8] reg buttons as you want but leave reg button [8] for the ending, Just choose your chosen ending followed by memory and reg button [8].