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This Article was written by Nick Stammers.

The system consists of a Tyros 3. and an EP30 Piano. The case is made of MDF. The two side panels are made from 18mm board 36ins High and 30ins wide. the main board to hold the Tyros is made of 18mm MDF is 49ins long and 19ins wide. The board to hold the piano is made of 12mm MDF and is 49ins long and 10ins wide.

The centre panel to hold the speaker system is made of 18mm MDF, by the way I’m using the Yamaha speaker system with holes cut out to house the main speaker in the centre, and the two sat speakers mounted at each side the speaker board is covered with black fret material purchased from Maplin. And made out of 12mm MDF.

The rest of the panels are all made of 12mm MDF. I must admit there is a lot of waste due to the awkward sizes I purchased one sheet of 8x4 18mm board and two sheets of 8x4 12mm board the edges of the board were routed out to give it that finished look.

The frame work to hold the shelves and front panels were of 1in and a quarter soft wood and were all screwed from the inside. I used a dual keyboard stand to set the two keyboards up I then offered the side panel up against the side of the keyboards and marked the position of both the shelves and the profile of the keyboards this was the most difficult part and is worth spending a lot of time over.

The cabinet was then given two coats of a sealer and then coated with two pack Diamond White and the finish looks like high gloss plastic. I hope this has been of some interest to some of you members. Why not have a go.