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Balancing Sounds

Have you ever been shared a style and thought that some voices are a bit loud whilst others are too quiet ? Well all is not lost and using the balance controls you can easily get everything to your personal liking.

Balance Controls

At the bottom of the main screen you will notice there are 8 balance controls

(Song, Style, M-Pad, Mic, Left, R1, R2, R3)


Using the Upper/Lower [1] buttons below the screen you can control the song volume. So if you are listening to a MIDI, or maybe playing along with one this is the control you would use to control the volume to your liking.


The upper/lower [2] buttons control the volume of all the Style parts. If you prefer to change the volume of individual parts for example, (RHY1, RHY2, BASS, CHD1, CHD2, PAD, PHR1,PHR2) you will have to press the Mixing Console button to see those areas and make your adjustments.

The Mixing Console


Using the upper/lower [3] buttons you can control the volume of the four Multi Pads.


With the Upper/Lower [4] button you can control the Mic volume and find a setting that suits your voice.


With the Upper/Lower [6,7,8] buttons you can control the volume of the Left & also the three right hand voices.