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Building A Twin Keyboard Cabinet

Would you like to have a twin keyboard cabinet? Take a look and see how Nick built his own.

Nick Stammers Keyboard Cabinet

Contact Strip Replacement

Do you have a note on your keyboard that doesn't respond correctly? It could be a worn contact strip. Alan Hearnshaw (Alan Davis Jr) replaced his on a PSR 3000 - It is the same principle for the Tyros range.

Replace A Faulty Contact Strip

Vocal Harmony Tips

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Vocal Harmony Tips

Making Styles Using XG Works and  EMC Styleworks 2000

Pieter Tabernee explains how to make styles using  a sequencer programme like XG Works and EMC Styleworks.

Making Styles Using XG and EMC

Did You Know?

Do you know what the extensions mean in a style file?

Did You Know? Styles

Double Files In Your Database?

So you have saved thousands of styles from various sources on the internet to your computer. Do you know how many duplicates you have? 

Let PieterPan help you.

Find Double Files In Your Database

Organise Your Files

Do you want to make some order from your folders full of styles and MIDI files. Let Pieter Tabernee introduce you to "Cathy"

Organise Your Style And MIDI Files

Making Styles Using OMB 10.2

More ways to make styles - This time using One Man Band 10.2 and again Pieter Pan will help you understand it.

Making Styles Using OMB 10.2