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Editing and Saving the Selected Master EQ

Editing and Saving the Selected Master EQ

Mixing Console EQ Screen

1. Press the [F] Edit button, to enter the MASTER EQ EDIT display screen.

2. To select a preset EQ type press the [A/B] buttons, you will see the selected EQ type parameters at the bottom of the screen.

3. Using the Upper/Lower [3/7] buttons you can boost or lower each of the 5 EQ settings. The upper/lower [8] buttons will boost or lower all the five EQ settings at the same time.

4. To adjust the Bandwidth [Q] use the upper/lower [1] buttons. To adjust the FREQ use the upper/lower [2] buttons.

5. Press the [H] STORE1 or [I] STORE 2 buttons to save your edited EQ settings.

Mixing Console EQ Edit Screen
Saving Your EQ Settings